Sunday, May 31, 2009

Islamic Pottery

Flowerpot saucers (one per child)
Gold ceramic paint
Large and small paintbrushes
Off-white ceramic paint
Spray on Gloss
Super Glue
Hooks (one per child)
Old newspapers
Smocks or old clothes

This activity takes two days, with mostly only prep work on the first day. Children paint flowerpot saucers with an off-white paint and let it dry. The next day, they use gold paint to decorate the saucer intricate designs or calligraphy on the saucer. Then each plate is then sprayed with a pottery gloss. When the saucers are dry, the teacher glues a hook on the back with super glue.

Special Note: It is important the campers us gold paint because Islamic pottery was the first to use metallic paints on ceramics.

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