Sunday, May 31, 2009

Miniature Ka'bah

  • Small cardboard gift boxes –one for each child (I found them at Michael’s).
  • Felt – black, gold or yellow, and silver or gray
  • Gold Ribbon (about 16 inches per child)
  • Poster board about 10X10 (one for each child)
  • Construction paper
  • Optional: Small white ceramic tiles (they are pricy.)

1. Fold the gift box and trim the flaps so that they are the same size on each side. Glue the flaps down to the square of cardboard.

2. Cut out pieces of black felt to cover the box. Glue the pieces on.

3. Glue the yellow ribbon around the top of the Kabba to make a gold stripe.

4. Cut some yellow felt to make doors and some silver or gray felt to make the black stone. Then glue them on in the right places as shown in the picture.

5. Glue white tiles on the floor of the Kabba, making sure to cover up the flaps that are glued down. Add an Iqama Ibrahim by gluing a small piece of felt around your finger, sliding it off, and then gluing it on to the front of the Kabba.

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