Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thikr Bead


  •  Large round beads (at least 30 per child)
  • Flat round beads (at least 7 per child)
  • Cord (at least 18 inches per child)

Children string ten round beads, then one flat bead, another ten round beads and another flat bead, and a final ten round beads. The beads look nicer if each set of ten beads is the same color (so that no more than three colors of round beads are used per child.) Be sure to demonstrate how to make sure that the beads don’t fall of the other end of the string once they are strung. (You may have to tie a big knot on one end for the small children.) Once the beads are strung, tie the ends together. Put both ends of the cord together and string both through about 3 to 5 more flat beads. Thread the ends of the cord back around the last bead and tie another knot.

Special note: Be sure to teach the children how to make thikr with their beads after they complete their project.

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